New Play Area: Explore Minnesota
Our beautiful state is all of these things ...

Thanks to Walser Honda, we're bringing adventure, exploration, and fun to your play area! We're so proud of the natural beauty our state offers and want to bring that inside our property for families to enjoy all year long. We're excited. Are you?

BVC Play Area Rendering.jpg

Progress Schedule
  1. April 9: Demo Begins (Play area will be closed but enjoy the many other entertainment, eateries, and retail options!)
  2. April 23: Installation Begins
  3. May 5: Play Area Party 
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Meet the Elements

Kids have a natural curiosity and love to explore. Couple that with the natural beauty and elements our state offers and the theme for our new play area was born - Explore Minnesota! As the sponsor, Walser Honda provides the mold for the wheels and our great state provides the inspiration for the rest of the elements! 

Walser Honda Odyssey

Kids will start their Minnesota road trip in this beautiful Walser Honda, lake-blue Honda Odyssey. The vehicle seats 7 so they'll bring their whole crew as they explore the state.

Help us name the Odyssey! Submit your suggestions via the pinned post on our facebook page. We'll reveal the winning name at the play area party on May 5! 

Felix & Fiona the Foxes.web.jpg
Felix & Fiona the Foxes
First on their excursion the kids will meet Felix and Fiona. These foxes are known for being organized and neat - just check out how neatly structured their log pyramid is! The kids will have fun working with the foxes to scheme in all their games. Their favorite is hide and seek.
Mike the Moose.web.jpg
Mike the Moose

Next up they'll see Mike the Moose as he emerges from one of Minnesota's over 10,000 lakes. The state's claim to fame - Land of 10,000 Lakes - does not disappoint and Mike the Moose agrees. He says the lakes are perfect for cooling off and for providing all Minnesotan's with water, food and fun!

Brielle the Bear.web.jpg
Brielle the Bear
As the Honda Odyssey heads into the national forest, they'll meet Brielle the Bear. Brielle is a black bear, the only species of the animal found in the state. While she's a bear, she's known to love giving the kids piggy back rides as she plays on the log. 
Caleb the Campfire
All that driving makes anyone hungry! After all the animal sightings, the Odyssey will take the crew to see Caleb the Campfire. Known for great stories, Caleb knows a lot of facts about the state. The kids will love exercising their imagination with Caleb. 
Tina the Tent
Rounding out the road trip is Tina the Tent. She's there to give the kids' much needed respite after all the adventure the kids are bound to have!